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Disclaimer Statement

The information on this site should not be used to gauge values, or to be used for any other types of monetary value/s or any other purpose in which a financial gain may be the end result or to validate the authenticity of an individual piece or set. It should be noted that there are many reproductions on the market, some almost impossible to identify even for the expert gurus of this field.

Further as owner of the Noritaké Collectors Guild Website http://www.Noritaké, I Karry-leeanne Fisher cannot assume any liability for any loss or inaccuracy of information, provided as a result of viewing the information provided on this site nor for information/images or any other material which may be unknowningly inaccurate in any form. I Karry-leeanne Fisher have done my very best to provide information to assist in gauging the dates of backmarks and therefore the contents of this site are provided purely a guide to help approximate the date your piece or set based on the backmarks.

I Karry-leeanne Fisher am not an expert in the field of Noritaké, however in saying this I Karry-leeanne Fisher welcome any corrections to the information provided on this site which pertains to the accuracy of the backmarks, images which appear unknowingly which have been provided which may be copyright and appear on this page or any other page linked on the website http://www.Noritaké contained herein.

If you are a legitimate copyright holder please politely advise of any corrections. These will be attended to as promptly as possible.

In relation values, it is not the policy of I Karry-leeanne Fisher, nor any other Member of the Noritaké Collectors Guild to provide valuations, if a price is suggested it is based on personal experience in dealing with an item, or from a published resource or dealer, and ONE MUST REMEMBER that values of individual pieces and sets vary from country to country and further it should always be remembered that a piece or a set is only as financially valuable as someone is prepared to pay for it. If you are looking for a values guide may I suggest that you purchase one of the many Values Guide available from your bookstore or online book merchant, or visit your local antiques dealer for values in your district or town..

If you find the contents of this site offensive I suggest that you leave here before continuing.

Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of K Fisher is prohibited.
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