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Thank you for taking the time to view our list of FAQ's.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we have received to date. We hope these will assist you and avoid the wait for a reply. We try to answer every question but, however due to the levels of spam mail we receive some emails may be removed automatically by our email server program.

Question : You do not have my backmark on your site, would you like a photo of it?

Answer :
    Yes please email us with an attachment of your unlisted backmark if they are not on our website, we will do our very best to identify the mark and date it for you. It is believed that their are more than 400 different backmarks associated with the Noritake/Morirmura Brothers eras.

    We will acknowledge your contribution to our site. Please include your name, state and country of original and state if you are a collector or merchant.

Question : I want to sell my Noritake, where is the best place to sell it?

Answer :

Question : Do you provide valuations?

Answer :
    No, we do not provide valuations. The reason for this is that prices of Noritake can vary from country to country, state to state and town to town, even districts within a town or city and what your Noritake pieces are worth in Australia may be totally different in say the USA or the UK for example.

Question : I know my mom's old dinner set is worth a lot of money, how do I get it insured?

Answer :
    Firstly, getting a valuation for insurance purposes for loss and or replacement should be obtained from a registered licenced valuer only. The valuer should have a sound knowledge of the values of Noritake from the different periods of production. The valuation should include as much information about the pieces and number of them, the age, condition, flaws if any and should include a photograph along with fire sale value and replacement costs.

    Note: Many antiques dealers are not licenced valuers and hence you may pay 50.00 + and find your valuation is worthless.

Question : I want to sell my Noritake, what are some of the pitfalls to consider please?

Answer :

  1. Many antique and second hand dealers and also auction houses may not deal with or be interested in Noritake products, so they may not be knowledgeable on the current valuations of such pieces, or worse they may consider that your piece or pieces will not fall within their profit margin range.

  2. There are those dealers who simply value the item at what they can sell it for and offer you very little in return. In this case you loose they win.

  3. Is your pattern common? If so market prices my be low for your pieces due to the number of replacement pieces in the market at a specific time. Add this to your considerations when you decide to sell. Do a little market research, go to your Local Dealers and see what they off you, visit ONLINE AUCTIONS and or Auction houses and see if they have your pattern and ask them if they have sold any of your pattern and what was the price it realised. This will give you some idea of what your pattern is worth.

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