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Noritake Collectors Guild Knowledge Centre - Site Update

The Noritake Collectors Guild is pleased to Launch "AUNZ Wanted Noritake Patterns Project" a FREE Service provided by the Noritake Collectors Guild for sellers and collectors alike to buy and sell selected 'Old Noritake Patterns for the Australian and New Zealand Markets'.

Sellers, if you have a listed Noritake Pattern you wish to sell, here is your opportunity to sell to genuine collectors who will appreciated your piece or pieces.

If you are a Collector wishing to purchase selected pieces to complete your collection of 'Old AUNZ Noritake Patterns'; you can send a picture (max 500kb-file size) of both the backmark and pattern. Your details will then be added to our database of collectors for your reference number pattern/s. New 'Wanted Patterns' will be listed with a reference number once we have your details. When a seller contacts the AUNZ Wanted Noritake Patterns Co-ordinator you will be sent an e-mail with the sellers contact details it then you will be responsible for contacting the seller direct to take the inquiry further.

Through this New AUNZ Wanted Noritake Patterns Project, the Noritake Collectors Guild is providing another means for Collectors to conserve the dwindling number of pieces available to complete collections.

The Noritake Collectors Guild is honoured to introduce our new 'Noritake Guided Tours Project Site'. After careful negotiations with Noritake Australia and Officals from Noritake Co., Japan, we now invite you to review our first Guided Tours Project.

Our initial project provides visitors with a unique pictorial overview of how Noritake produce some of the worlds finest Porcelain Tableware and Cabinet Wares.

As time permits Guided Tours will be one of our largest Project areas. We hope you enjoy our latest Project.

Noritake News and Articles has been replaced by Site Updates. With the review of the website it was decided to provide a record of site updates for those interested in the development of the Noritake Collectors Guild Knowledge Centre.

As part of our complete overhaul of the Noritake Collectors Guild Knowledge Centre review, we have now created a new directory for our Noritake Tablewares Pattern Guide Post WW2. Please bookmark this new url for the


The Noritake Collectors Guild Knowledge Centre Joined the world of RSS Feeds as it continues to spread its knowledge base for those seeking information about Noritake China..

After feedback from our visitors we redeveloped the Noritake Backmarks Knowledge Library. The revamp of the Backmarks Knowledge Centre included moving this part of our ongoing to project to a new URL. Please bookmark this new url for the


Research Paper by Gary Bryant
Title: Welcome to my World of Noritake Salad Ware

Gary Bryant is a well-known Noritake Collector from Australia. He has one of the worlds largest collection of Noritake Salad Ware from the Art Deco period produced for the Australian and New Zealand Markets. He also collects Noritake Salad ware produced for the USA Market from the Art Deco Period. Gary has agreed to produce a series of Noritake Salad related information for collectors over the coming year. Please take a few moments as Gary


Research Paper by Lisa London
Title: Your Guide to Nippon Fake Marks & Patterns

To review Lisa London's important review of Nippon Fake Marks & Patterns, please take a moment and review


Research Paper by John Henley
Title: The Mystery of I.E. & C. Co. Japan Hand-Painted Porcelain

To review John Henley's excellent paper on this commonly misrepresent Noritake Product line, please take a moment and review


After considerable research and a review of the direction of the Noritake Collectors Guild had been taking, on the 06.06.2008 the Noritake Collectors Guild of Australia and New Zealand changed its 'identity'. As of the 06.06.2008 the Noritake Collectors Guild is now the Noritake Collectors Knowledge Centre. The Project has been taking on 'the identity as a reference library' for Noritake related material. Today, the Noritake Collectors Guild Knowledge Centre has moved closer towards this direction with the Noritake Collectors Guild Partnership Project.

Through our Partnership Projects visitors to our site can now access to a network of knowledge never shared publically before. This is a very favourable outcome for collectors of Noritake and for those who buy and sell Noritake for retail purposes.

The Noritake Collectors Guild Knowledge Centre will be cataloguing information and making new information available to our visitors as soon as time permits, information is authenticated and approvals have been received.

It is the philosophy of the Site Historian that information should be shared and not locked away. For this Project to continue to be successful, you are always invited to share with us all the information you have so those who want to learn can do so.

Please make contact with use if you wish to share your information with our site visitors.

Launch Of Our
New and Inovative and ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE
Noritake Collectors Online Catalogue Generator

Today, After a long time of planning and research, the Noritake Collectors Guild is now pleased, yes even PROUD to announce the completion of our NEW ONLINE NORITAKE COLLECTORS CATALOGUE GENERATOR.

If you have a small or large collection and have never been able to record your purchases, here is the perfect opportunity to do so. Simply click on the link, review the preview, then click on the link to being entering your details. You can save your records to DVD/CD/COMPUTER and best of all you can print out a hard copy for your file and also send this information to your insurance company.

Isn't time you started recording your collection, you never know, a fire, earthquake, tsumani, theift, flood or you simply might break a piece and you have no records to make an insurance claim.

  • Great for Insurance Records
  • Prepare Professional presentation of your pieces for sale to Clients
  • Keep your records at easy fingers reach

Programs that produce this quality can cost as much as 800.00 to 1,000.00. We provide a quality research generator for FREE!!

This Online Catalogue Generator now replaces our PDF DOCUMENT we made avaiable for users back on the 01.05.2004 site update.

We have kepted this old pdf document for those interested to review below.

Simply Click Here

and being Cataloguing your Collection today FREE OF CHARGE COMPLIMENTS of the Noritake Collectors Guild of Australia and New Zealand.

General Review of the Noritake Collectors Guild Website

Today, we have begun to redevelop our website into general areas of interest. We have a new Site Menu with Groupings of links from each main area - Guild Directory - Our Projects - Visitor Center and General Resources. This will help everyone navigate our site with ease.

We have made our Projects Area public, which enables all visitors to view this information both Members and general visitors.

We will be adding a couple of new features over the next 6 months, although we are hoping to have our most exciting new PROJECT UP AND RUNNING IN THE NEXT 6 to 8 weeks. These will all be FREE to access be you a Member or a visitor :o).

We are currently working on a Major Upgrade to our Members Area where it will be fully automated once a Member has Joined and has been approved. This New Members Area will only be avaiable to Australian and New Zealand Residents.

Stay Tuned for these updates.


UpLoad of New Featured Project Fake and or Misrepresented Noritake Backmarks Library

Today, we added a new Feature Projectnew page to our website. "Fake and or commonly Mispresented Backmarks" which have been used on online forums, or have been described as Noritake or Nippon Noritake Products in Antique Shops. We can assure you that these marks are NOT NORITAKE OR NIPPON NORITAKE ERA COMPANY MARKS. This new page will hopefully be accessed by dealers and buyers to help by not making statements that the pieces they have on offer are Nippon Era Noritake or Noritake pieces.

If you come across a mark which is presumed to be Noritake but is not, and you are the REGISTERED COPYRIGHT HOLDER OF THAT PHOTO OF THE MARK, please send us a copy so we can add it to the list and you can help others.

Noritake Backmarks Library Restored To Public Access

Today, the Management Committee of the Guild agreed to restore Public Access to the Noritake Backmarks Library after we withdrew this feature for a major breach of terms of use.

We thank the many users that come to our site for their persistance without this feature would have remained only avaiable to Members.

UpLoad of New Featured Project Noritake Tableware Patterns Guilde Post 1950's Patterns

Today, we uploaded the New Numbered Patterns Guide to the Tableware Patterns Guide. We also undertook a major revision of the General Pattern Reference Guide with additional pattern information.

Withdrawl of Noritake Backmarks Library for Breach of Terms of Use

Unfortunately, we have removed the Noritake Backmarks Library due to an abuse issue.

This section of our site will NOW only be made available to Australian Members of the Noritake Collectors Guild.

We may at some time in the future provide limited access to this section of the site, but for now this section of our site has been completely removed from our database.

Noritake Collectors Guild of Australia


Today, we added a 3 new marks and would like to thank our friends, Lisa and Waiapo for the new marks added to the Noritake Backmarks Page. These being Cherry Blossom Mark with Japan Stamp only, and a new verion of the Nippon Toki Kaisha, spoke n scroll mark without accent on the 'é'. We have also added backmark Misty Isle Collection dated with pattern dated 1983. This now brings the total number of backmarks on the site with variations to. 126 excluding fake and other unknown marks.

Major Website Overhaul

The Noritake Collectors Guild of Australia revamped our website to provide new and extended features.

These new features will enable collectors and visitors to date their Tablewares post WW2, view Backmarks of various era's, a Brief overiew of the History of Noritake.

Australian Collectors Photo Gallery

To assist Australian Collectors we have commenced the development of a Photo Gallery Library of patterns which were known to have been imported to Australia during the early 1930's.

Back Mark Library

Our backmarks Library Page has had several updates thanks to the assistance of Noritake Australia Pty Ltd.

Post WW2 Tableware Pattern Guide

With the assistance of Noritake (Australia) Pty Ltd., we have now added our a new feature to our site. To date an individual pattern Post WW2 Japan please visit the Tableswares Page to identify your individual pattern.

Today we have added new marks to the Noritake Backmarks Page and updated existing marks -

Added - 1952 Noritake - Nippon Toki Kaisha Beige and Brown Scroll on Ivory BACKGROUND Black Lettering.
Added - 1949/50's Red Maruki Mark Noritake Japan in Text Only.
Added - Rose China with (N in wreath) Word Japan to right side. Text ALL IN PALE GREEN - Pre 1952 Found on many Patterns.
Added - Nippon Toki Japan with Gold Label. 1947 -48 Found on many decorative ornaments.
Added - Blue M in Wreath 1921 with Japanese characters and numbers indicating pattern number.
Added - Pale Green M in Wreath 1918 'Japan'.
Updated - Royal Ceramics - RC Known to have been used during 1960 to 1970. Found on many Patterns.
Updated - Royal Ceramics - RC Known to have been used during 1960 to 1970. Found on many Patterns.
Many thanks to Barbara AU, Mark AU, Marg AU and Ali and Lori from the USA for your help.

Today we did a major update of Noritake Backmarks Page with several new backmarks with registered trademark information, sourced from Australian Trademarks Website and confirmed by Noritake Australia. We now have 118 Backmarks Listed with different variations.

Noritake Younger Image now identified as patented in 1969 (applied for ) and 1970 (granted). Many thanks Steve and Lisa for your help.

We have added several new Noritake Backmarks to the list. We now have 104 individual marks listed and growing :) Thank you everyone for helping to build our comprehensive listing of back marks.

Please note the dates for the backstamps indicate the year the mark was REGISTERED; use began later, usually. In addition, the Noritake Company has stated that the term 'Komaru' is not (or is no longer) the correct term for the symbol in the backstamps so designated in many sources; the correct term is 'Maruki.' (With thanks to C Suzuki Retired Officer Noritake Co. Japan.)

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AU Green 1933 Mark

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