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Noritake & Nippon Porcelain Era Research Papers by John Henley
The Mystery of I.E. & C. Co. Japan
Hand-Painted Porcelain

Hand Painted I E C and Co BackstampEveryone loves a good mystery especially when the object of one's affection has as much appeal and artistic merit as the porcelain bearing the IE&C Co Japan Hand Painted mark. The ashen porcelain, meticulous attention to detail and predominance of Art Nouveau styling suggests a product life that began in the early Meiji era and ended with the Art Deco era.

I suggest the owners of the company made three significant decisions:

  1. They choose not to register their products/mark for export to the United States.
  2. They relied on a product line which did not lend itself to technology.
  3. They did not embrace the Art Deco craze that consumed the western world in the early 1920's.

These decisions either lead to a planned exit from the market or the economic collapse of the company in the early 1920's, leaving us with a porcelain product that can match the best of the best and an ongoing mystery.

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IE&C Co. Marking Supplement
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The Mystery of I.E. & C. Co. Japan Hand-Painted Porcelain
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I have been collecting china for about ten years, with a concentration on Japanese porcelain of the Meiji era and Noritake.

Following the leads of David Spain and Karry-leanne Fisher, when not searching, I am researching and have put my love of writing to the test.

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