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Noritake & Nippon Porcelain Era Research Papers by Lisa London
Your Guide to Nippon Fake Marks & Patterns

The Effect of Fake Nippon on the Value of Our Authentic Treasures.

Although the current economy has greatly affected the market value of Nippon, so has the availability and sales of fake and forged Nippon being sold as authentic. I am greatly concerned, and certainly irked, when I see fake pieces selling over the authentic pieces on ebay and other venues.

Many times, the fakes are selling for more than the authentic. This is due to the lack of buyer knowledge regarding fakes and fake/forged marks. If buyers have information readily available as to how to identify the differences between authentic and fake items, perhaps the market for these items would shrink and the sellers of these items would be prompted to identify them for what they are.

I have amassed a data base of pictures of the fakes and the fake marks on these items. My hope is that this will help in reducing the market for the forged/faked items and help to preserve the history of Morimura/Noritake Nippon era treasures.

The downloadable PDF file below, shows authentic marks, fake/misattributed marks and the many fake/forged items that are on the market.

Please do not hesitate to » contact me with any questions regarding my research or if you have any questionable Nippon items or marks.

I would be pleased to help.

Please Note: All Files require Adobe Acrobat Reader.


» Identifying Fake/Forged Nippon Marks and Items
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Ms Lisa London

About Lisa

Left 20+ years of corporate America for the building industry 6 years ago when I started my own design/build firm. This gave me the freedom to spend more time with my family and to enjoy and pursue personal interests. I have been collecting antique furniture and porcelain since my early 20s. Was always intriqued by the craftsmanship and beauty found in early, quality pieces.

Morimura/Noritake/Nippon items are of the most interest to me. Following the lead of my mentor, Joan VanPatten, I am trying to research and study this field and to keep it from being muddied by the fake items being passed off as authentic.

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