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Porcelain Restoration/Conservation Services

The following contact information to services which provide Porcelain Conservation and or Other forms of Porcelain and China Restorations and China Drilling Services are not affiliated with the Noritake Collectors Guild of Australia and New Zealand. We do not personally recommend any service, it is up to the user of a service to do their own research to determine the qualifications of the company or individual before engaging them in services your may require.

Some Important Considerations

You maybe looking at having your pride and joy which was recently damaged, in an unfortunate accident. There are many services available, which provide conservation and professional restoration of damaged items. Before engaging the services of a conservation specialist, who will undertake the restoration of your treasure to its former glory, please consider some of the following -

  • ask to see simple pieces which have been restored and see how good their work is
  • discuss the process and be fully informed of what is involved
  • always get a quote before you commence work,
  • have this quote itemise exactly what will be done to your piece,
  • the cost and an estimated time of completion,
  • always ask the service provider if you can review the progress of work being undertaken on your property; and
  • ask if the property will be insured for loss or thief whilst in their possession
  • remember, your piece/s has been subject to a conservation process as restored items they need special care ask the conservator/restorer to guide you in the after care to ensure it remains in top condition at all times.
Below, is a fantastic little article prepared by 'Blue Tongue Studios', about Conservation and Restoration Care of your piece/s, which maybe of some assistance to you.

IT IS IMPORTANT, so please take a few minutes to review this information before proceeding, pieces which have undergone conservation require special care if they are to endure the future ravages of time and handling.

Thank you and good luck with your project.

   » Restoration Object Care


An excellent article for collectors, china painters and anyone on the subject of care and handling of restored objects, by Mr Andy Goodfellow of Blue Tongue Studio. Mr Andy Goodfellow Specialises in all Areas Of Antique Porcelain Restoration, China Repair, Glass, Ceramics & Plaster.

The following Links are to Restoration Services.

This is not an endorsement of any company, we simply have listed them to assist collectors in finding a restoration/conservation service. All dealings are between the client and the restorer.

Restoration/Conservation Services In Australia

Restoration/Conservation Services International

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